Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"This business of trying to measure everything in precise terms is one of the problems with advertising today. This leads to a worship of research. We're all concerned about the facts we get, and not enough concerned about how provocative we make those facts to the consumer" Bill Bernbach

Top secret:
The Google Advertising Network no one but the big dogs are talking about. John Chow pulls back the curtain here. Thanks for sharing John. A secret invitation only CPM ad network, brilliant - my sales mentor Kevin B. Sweeney would have loved the audacity. Another bravo to Google, well played guys!

Pat Fallon
and Bob Barrie have put together The Work: 25 years of Fallon. Lewis Lazare writes it up this morning...

"There's a lot of advertising packed inside the gorgeous new coffee table book Fallon Worldwide executives Pat Fallon and Bob Barrie have compiled....the newly released tome is a visual feast of all the important campaigns that have come out of what is still, comparatively speaking, one of the nation's smaller ad agencies"

Thanks for the tip Lew! Read Lew's view here. Can't wait to get my copy.

Kristen Philipkoski over at Wired's Bodyhack has an open call for nominations...2006 Sexiest Geeks (men and women). Nominate yours and check out the 400+ comments while you're at it here. Meanwhile, Emily Shurr over at the desk of CNET News suggests Hedy Lamarr for sexiest geek here. And not to forget Crave UK's "Top 10 Girl Geeks" wherein Paris Hilton takes an honor along side babe in training wheels and future president Lisa Simpson.

How about a very cool public librarian addicted to blogging? One fronting the motto "Life is not all thorns and singing vultures" (with credit to Morticia Addams)? My suggestion is you check out Shelly's blog The View from Here Bravo Shelly, well done.