Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"The only advice I can give is never to take advice from anybody." Robert Altman

The great director, an American original, has passed. Altman inspired generations of directors making films his way and only his way.

Congrats and cheers: To Randy Falco the new head of AOL, and to Ron Grant his new prexy. Best wishes to Jon and Jason, they are certain to be involved in some exciting new ventures. To John Romanovich and Maggie Robertson on their marriage. John is EP of the WLS morning show, Maggie handles media for The Bears. (John did an outstanding job when Fred Winston and Catherine Johns guest hosted the WLS morning show last week, I remain in his debt). Save the cheerleader worked for NBC, Heroes is a break out smash and delivered a solid first place 18-49 Monday night.

Speaking of numbers, TNS could offer a direct challenge to Nielsen. Kevin Downey reviews the bidding, read his piece via Media Life here. Well done Kevin.

Great to hear from my friend, the amazing, the gifted TK, Tom Kent. His Classic Top 40 radio concept is at once powerful, practical and simply elegant (my's right on time and the stuff of game changing innovation). Touched to be one of those sent TK's Thanksgiving email this morning. You're the best TK.

Cooking for six, off to Whole Foods. Have a wonderful and safe holiday.