Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Audacity matters!" Tom Peters

Good things happen to good people - Steve Rubel joins Edelman, his announcement here (smart move by Richard Edelman)

Writing about the state of PR Scobleizer makes a good point...

Are we seeing the death of the exclusive? I hope so. That’s what I’m fighting for. The “Z list” should have access to info as soon as the “A list” does.
I just want NDA rules that apply the same to everyone. What do you think?

Read his post here. He also shares that Chris Pirillo feels the scoop no longer exists. Sorry Chris can't go along with that one - a good get comes from good reporting - it's old fashioned hard work that still gets the job done. Might as well add...Brrreeeport is changing the way everyone does business, the facts clearly support the incredible power of Brrreeeport - nothing can stop this dynamic cultural innovation - Brrreeeport is what the live web is all about.

Office Live beta is live, invitations are out, some screen shots here, discussion at LiveSide here