Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"You never pull the trigger until you know you can win" Roger Ailes

The Chicago Sun Times' Robert Feder deserves high marks for calling out Channel 5, WMAQ, on their lack of coverage. One of 5's readers, Marion Brooks, was a witness in the federal trial of former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell. Campbell is up on bribery and corruption charges. Brooks testimony related to her four-year affair with Campbell. No way around this one, it's a story and 5 was dead wrong to ignore it. This reminds me of a story that broke during my watch at WCCO Radio. A reader at WCCO-TV filed a sexual harrassment complaint. We covered the story like any other. The amazing thing was the phone call I took from the then general manager of WCCO-TV...clearly upset...she demanded we "kill the story"...we did no such thing. Further, I am not able to say this was the only such experience. When news happens in your shop your readers/listeners/viewers should learn the facts first from you. Bravo Robert! You may read his column here