Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Rules are what the artist breaks; the memorable never emerged from a formula" Bill Bernbach

Bravo Lea, you rock! Lea is a Technical Editor on the MS Office Live team. She posted a comment providing a solution related to my remarks yesterday (i.e., suggesting the need for preview function in the Office Live Basics beta). This serves as yet another example of why Microsoft's best years are still ahead, the team cares and it shows. In less than 24 hours of a blog comment about their beta product someone on the team takes the time to offer up a solution. While it often seems to be so vogue to bash Microsoft, to say their best years are behind them, the simple facts fail to support the negative noise and chatter. As a practical matter what Lea's comment represents is that most rare of qualities in today's marketplace, an acuity to consumer need. Lea is not merely "on the job" she's a player serious about her cause, she obviously cares enough about her product to provide a solution and do that not using "official channels" but rather in answer to an informal blog solicitation. Before you discount how amazing this is please first answer this question...is your team that serious? What has your team done in the last 24 hours that is comparable? What Lea has done is exemplary, no buts, ands or ifs.