Monday, February 27, 2006

edgeio has launched. Congrats to Mike Arrington and Keith Teare. Check out their new site here. At my day job, we earlier advised clients to integrate the listing tag into any/all classified listings and classified pages. Our sense is edgeio will provide an excellent new distribution channel. Broadcast and cable operators will benefit from staying ahead of local dead tree folks on this opportunity.

Kudos to Barrons; Bravo to Eric J. Savitz. The Barron's cover story on Barry Diller's IAC/InterActive Corp is writing based on solid homework, it makes a clear and logical case for why IAC is heading into a very bright future. Good to see Diller & Co getting the credit and praise they deserve - long overdue. Find Barrons here (sub req, free trial available). The media moguls to bet with, imho, are Barry Diller, Murdoch (Ailes & Swanson), Moonves (Hollander), Newmark, Zannino (Crovitz), Malone, Freston (McGrath & Wolf), Stemel and Brian Roberts. Want a pure online player to watch? Nick Denton is the man.

Terry Heaton writes Public broadcasting needs a new name - read his post here. Terry is right and pubcasters need more than a new name they need to get into a leadership role in the new game. No matter what happens to the CPB budget stations need to replace every dollar of fed funds and take action to make that happen now, not later.

Off topic, very cool waste of bandwidth dept. Check Dave Werner's portfolio site, here