Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Small is the new big" Steve Strauss

Steve Strauss wrote this post with the above quoted heading, the post is dated Nov 11, 2003. In a post dated June of 2005 Seth Godin wrote this and in the same month Jeff Jarvis writes this. While the posts of Seth and Jeff are well done and deserve a read perhaps Steve deserves to share in the credit for "inventing" the phrase "Small is the new big".

(Later - Bravo Jeff! Thanks for the comment. Seth?)

(A bit later still - Bravo Seth!)


Jeff Jarvis said...

Right you are. There is nothing new on the internet! No one is ever first.

seth godin said...

I commented yesterday, but I guess I'm not so good at getting through the filters.

I think I said,

"Jeff's right, of course. And I think he was the first to say, 'No one is ever first.' "