Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"If you can't make a good ad in Chicago, you can't make one anywhere." Leo Burnett

The new and improved CBS Radio News station web site design is up and, with all respect, it seems to me to be an upgrade of style over substance. As a hardcore news hound the redesign leaves me cold. Perhaps they have more in store. My comments are based only on a review of the new WBBM site, you'll find it here. Kudos are in order however...WBBM's index page title is a killer - outstanding - crisp, clean, focused, great for SEO (radio out ranks their sister TV station's site in four of five search engines checked). On balance, WBBM Newsradio 780 is a damn good radio station that deserves a better web site.

Trend: Web designers failing to fuss over page weights (using a rich jpeg when a slim little gif is all the job needs); clients that only view their sites from the at work T1 - 2 or the at home 3m cable connect (where everything looks okie dokie or is it the cache that looks so good?). Google, YAHOO (i.e., the winners) all continue to obsess about page weight.