Monday, February 27, 2006

"I think we're all in this fantastic period of radical change" Barry Diller

Barry Diller was interviewed this morning at the SES conference. Some of the killer takeaway...

"I can't not believe, if a product is good and worthy, something happens" "I don't believe market share belongs, certainly in a media world, to one company" "Be evil" (in answer to a potential slogan or mantra) " the 80's...didn't want to make another network, we wanted to make an alternative to the three networks" (on the creation of Fox) "Differentiation is what we are trying to do" "Market shares do not remain at thirty plus for very long, unless it's either a natural or unnatural, so to speak, monopoly" "...none of this stuff can happen overnight...if an idea is good, the world allows it to come into the dna" "it doesn't matter what the screen is" Hear his keynote audio, here. Bravo Barry and Danny. Check out the NEW here